Huntsville Autistic Adults

Who we are: We are an Autistic founded and led organization that provides resources to the North Alabama community in order to ensure a more Autistic aware and inclusive environment.

What we do: We provide educational and community building opportunities to the people of North Alabama who are either Autistic themselves or influence the lives of Autistic people in professional environments. (Click the links below for more information about specific activities)

We provide Autistic voices to inform the people of Huntsville about Autistic people, culture, and how they can be better accommodated, accepted, and respected.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Conducting informational seminars for school and professional settings

  • Providing parents and caregivers with information that may not be clearly communicated by those they care for

  • Reaching out to company human resources, college disability support services, and high school guidance counselors to provide information and Ideas on how they can reshape their environments to better accommodate Autistic people

We provide a inclusive network of Autistic people willing to support each other and provide solidarity, friendship, and information to help Autistics cope with various allistic centered situations. This network sometimes meets to go to movies, have cookouts, play games, and other events in order to experience fun things with people that are also Autistic.

We also provide a list of Autistic friendly businesses in the greater Huntsville-Madison area that we feel have best shaped their environments to reduce sensory impact on Autistic people.

We seek to provide financial support to Autistic people in the form of scholarships to colleges or trade schools of their choosing.